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Stand-alone camera installations and landline security
available in Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas.

ADT Security Systems

ADT installations available in most U.S. locations.
The equipment shown below could be protecting you
and making your life easier with just a few hour installation.
Call or fill out the form on the next page to get
details and set it up!

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Your 4CIF cameras may have been top of the line
15 years ago and cost you big bucks. But the newest
technology and fierce competition in today's market
can leave you pleasantly surprised at the affordable
prices and quality you can have without
breaking a sweat.

Here are examples of what your resolution will
look like at 50 feet away.

Below is an example of the lens sizes and views you can
get with different cameras. For most small businesses and
homes a wider viewing angle is more important than seeing
far away so a 2.8mm camera is the most common.

The 3 pictures show in order 6mm, 4mm, and 2.8mm. In the
bottom picture you can see that the person standing there is
smaller than the other two but the field of view is larger so
more of the area can be seen.

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